Responsive simulator

This Joomla module has been developed to help with testing your responsive Joomla! website while you design and build them.

You can enter your website's URL into the url address field to test a specific page.

Responsive Joomla! Web Design Testing Tool

Zoombie Task Scheduler

Zoombie is a time-based Task scheduler application for Joomla. Allows in an easy way to manage, schedule and run tasks alias joomla plugins automatically and periodically at specific times. The zoombie purpose is to automate system maintenance or administration task on Joomla based websites.


A User Manager

Boost the core Joomla! user management with geolocation informations and protects from fake registration, allow user accounts self deletion

A User Manager

A Contact Manager

Add Google Maps with traffics, weather, directions, and youtube video and protects Joomla! Contact from spam messages

A Contact Manager

Ajax Math Captcha plugin

Don't like Recaptcha this extension gives you an accessible ajax captcha plugin for Joomla!, not the usual distorted text on image but a math quiz, or if you prefer an ascii art

Ajax Math Captcha

Joomla! and Google Maps API

Playing with Google Maps API and Joomla! some examples to demonstrate how is easy to integrate maps on joomla content 

Playing with Google API on Joomla! 2.5

Joomla! Platform App's

Some Joomla! Platform application examples to discover how powerfull is the Joomla Platform and the CLI side applications

A CLI app example for Joomla! Platform

Joomla Update System

Usename availability check

Wroted for the Joomla Community Magazine

Check username availability with Ajax

Geolocation with Joomla

Some geolocation examples with Joomla! site users.

Members Geolocation